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Question for the Independent Artist. Are you ok with Settling?

Gotta question for EVERY Independent Artist reading this . Are you satisfied with #Settling? I ask because I've been doing the Blaze It Up: Music Review show for a few months now. I've gotten familiar with a lot of Independent Artist and your music. I've also been paying attention to all of your movements as well and 1 thing I have noticed is, overall I see a lack of hunger to get to that #NextLevel.

Don't get me wrong, I see all the grinding that is being done. When it comes to the talent, y'all definitely got it. Musically y'all are better than the majority of current artist topping the charts. I honestly mean that. You guys are also good at doing the other things like sharing ya music to diff groups, and lots of review shows and all of that. All the #CLICHE "what an artist should do to get themselves noticed" stuff y'all do but it's the little things that most of you miss that is SO CRUCIAL.

Best analogy i can give is its like eating chicken and when you're done there's still meat on the bone. You can tell a hungry person by how clean that bone is when you're finished. The little things that y'all miss show me y'all leaving meat on them bones. If you're confused by this and are thinking "NAH I AINT LEAVING MEAT ON DEM BONES" well i'll gladly explain.

I'll use the review show for example. Most of the people hosting review shows only do the review shows for one main reason, to advance their brands. That all includes making money and getting notoriety. I mean artist can still benefit because ppl do hear the music and thats cool but regardless it is what it is. Its a level up from what your career was before the review shows but now you're just in a different hamster cage going in an endless loop.

I've watched, submitted music and interacted with ALOTTA review shows before i started my own. There are a small few who actually do this to support the Independent culture but the majority are in it for themselves. That's why i took my time before I launched mine so that I could be different and I could get artist outta that loop and create ways for y'all to launch ya career to higher levels.

I don't know who all knows but I'm battling lupus. I have no medical insurance or disability. They keep denying me. Because of the condition, I'm not working a regular job. So my ONLY source of income is music. Now I knew that doing a review show would be a HUGE pay-cut. I own a studio and I make beats so the smart thing to do to make the most money would be to put ALL of my eggs in that basket BUT call me crazy but I believe in a lot of the Independent Music out there. I know if the movement is done right, It can be HIGHLY profitable for EVERYONE. But it takes all parts to be highly effective and working like there lives depended on it.

So instead of focusing on me, and my solo career, and take my chances dealing with an industry that refuses to give Independent talent a doorway to walk through, I decided to BUILD our own damn doorway. Now I must say over the past few months I made us one hell of a doorway. I've also done one hell of a job of leading ALOTTA people who deserve to be on that other side to the doorway. The only thing that I can't do is make people walk through the doorway.

So with ALL OF THAT said, I ask, are you guys satisfied with just knowing about the doorway? Are you satisfied with simply looking at the doorway? Standing outside the doorway, taking selfies and stuntin outside the doorway and bragging to people on social media about how you know where the doorway is but in all reality you still haven't made the decision to walk through the doorway (WHICH IS BAFFLING TO ME).

I wish that when I was only focused on getting my music out there, this platform that I created for y'all was out there for me. Man it'll be a wrap. Like y'all could use my platform by itself and

a) Make ALOTTA money

b) Get ALOTTA exposure

c) Take your career's to new levels

and much more ALL without any investor or record label. You could do all of that with just my platform (not including all the other legit ones out there) In order to do so, you gotta be hungry enough to put in the work to get yourself in the position to hear about the location of the doorway, to have the wisdom to make the decision to go to the doorway, have the drive to go to the doorway, then once you get there, WALK THROUGH THE DAMN DOORWAY!!!

So ask yourselves that question. Like REALLY ask yourselves, do you really wanna walk through the doorway? Like I know for a fact, when you're in a review show, you wanna come out of it better than you came in. Whats the point of coming into a review show with 200 followers, and leaving out with 203 followers when if you were hungry, you can come in with 200 followers, and leave out 250 and up. It's possible, but you have to make it happen.

All of y'all know at least 10 ppl who don't do music that will support your music if ya asked them to. Make it your MISSION to have them attend the show you know you bout to be played in. Have them interacting in the grading process with you. Then have em really represent for you once you're played. Imagine the huge difference that makes. It makes you look much better in their eyes to the point it'll switch there perception from tuning in outta obligation into really believing in your movement and wanting to help you genuinely.

Imagine if just 5 artist followed that strategy. Including you, thats 55 viewers in the live feed. Not including the average 10 to 20 thats normally there so it makes a consistent 60 to 70 live active viewers in the feed. The goal isn't to have the review show serve as an open mic where your only audience is other artist. You want the fans who buy music to outnumber the artist in the show. YALL can make that happen.

Then imagine 70 people all sharing the stream to multiple people and each person gets at least 1 person to join. Now we at 140 viewers in the feed. It's not impossible. Now instead of your music being played for 10 to 15 people, its being viewed by a HUGE amount. If you got half of them to buy your $1.99 single from iTunes, thats $140 you just made on song purchases. Or 70 new followers who is on Spotify or Soundcloud to stream your music.

Imma stop writing cuz i can go on forever. That's how passionate I am about this. If you read this whole thing, It shows me that you're indeed hungry but more importantly it should prove to yourself that you are indeed hungry. Clean that damn chicken bone and walk through the doorway and GET THE BAG! Now i'm done lol

-Hunter Out.

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