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Year Of The WordSmith

International Independent Recording Artist, Blaze Hunter is making his Full Time Return to the Microphone! 2023 you will get more music, music videos and most importantly, Live Performances by the wordsmith himself, the 9thwunder, Blaze Hunter! It's been nearly a decade since Blaze Hunter has been active full time as a Rapper, healing from Lupus, servinf as the Director of Music for Universal Music, and running his own empire, 9thwunder Music & Entertainment! Well the wait is over!

Here are a list of projects to expect this year!

*Dayz of Blaze: Extra Extra! Stream All About it!

*Dayz of Blaze: Year of the WordSmith

*BadBoyz: Blaze Hunter & JPryme

*Legacy: Blaze Huter & KingNyne

*Iconic: Blaze Hunter & Mr Cooper

*BTG: Nu Flava 2.0

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9thWunder Magazine
20 de jan. de 2023


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