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Attention independent artists! Tired of the "Open Mic Effect"? Say goodbye to crowds full of other artists and embrace real fan engagement with 9thwunder Music & Entertainment. Our platform, including Blaze It Up Radio, Signature Seriez Network, and 9thwunder Magazine, is crafted to connect you with genuine fans who'll support your music and boost your career. Blaze It Up Radio lets fans request songs and give feedback, enhancing interaction. Our TV shows, like Blaze Hunter's Top 10 Music Video Countdown, involve fans in the voting process, giving them a say in their favorite videos. Our goal is to increase your organic engagement through tools like thumbs up, thumbs down, song requests, promo flyers, live-streams, and more. This high engagement rate sets the stage for success on platforms like MUSEIQ, where fan validations can earn you money. Imagine making $500 per month if 100 fans with the gold subscription validated you monthly. Why struggle on social media or perform for fellow artists when you can elevate your career, rock enthusiastic shows, earn from your music, and attract brand opportunities? The choice is yours, but with 9thwunder Music & Entertainment, the path to success is crystal clear. Join us to transform your career with genuine fan engagement – visit our website and start your journey today!

Television Package $400

Elevate your brand and captivate potential fans as your music videos and content take center stage on a platform committed to providing unparalleled visibility by getting a package on the Signature Seriez Network

Media Package $750

Elevate your artistry with a featured interview on "Welcome to the Dope Bar" and "Convos with Mr Cooper," complemented by a full-page spread in 9thwunder Magazine and a published NPPA article.

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